Welcome to the European Nautical Platform

The platform for sharing knowledge, best practice, ways of working, positions and opinions in the field of nautical operations in port waters and their approaches.

The Platform is a cooperation between the European organizations of shipmasters, pilots, tug operators, boatmen and harbour masters. These nautical experts combine forces to address nautical safety and performance from pilot station to berth.

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Welcome to the European Nautical Platform

The platform intents to improve the cooperation between all nautical parties in ports with the aim of safe and efficient operations. It does so by sharing nautical topics and best practice, by exchanging knowledge on nautical operations and eventually agree on common European standards of safe marine operations in port waters and their approaches. The platform represents a wide range of knowledge and experience in the nautical field.

We believe that the industry is in need of good and widely accepted working standards and we believe that for port operations we are the ones to agree on them. Europe is doing its utmost to unleash the potential of maritime clusters and chains such that maritime transport can grow and become more efficient. Improving skills, knowledge and cooperation in the nautical chain supports the growth of maritime transport.

The organizations in the European Nautical Platform together form a strong nautical expert group that may act as a knowledgeable discussion partner for European maritime policy and legislation, providing input and practical knowledge to regulatory bodies.

For the first time, an organisation addresses specific nautical safety and performance items in ports, from pilot station to berth, the area where most shipping accidents happen.

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