All partners, seen their professional knowledge each in their own specific field, are ‘technical marine experts’.



Cesma - Confederation of European Shipmasters’ Associations

CESMA membership includes 14 shipmasters’ associations in 11 European maritime nations. The organisation works on a non-profit basis and is independent of states, political parties, trade unions and shipowners’ organisations.



EMPA - European Maritime Pilots’ Association

Pilotage consists of guiding ships in and out seaports, conducting their berthing and unberthing maneuvers, coordinating the interventions of other actors associated to these maneuvers (tugboats, boatmen, terminal personnel…) thus contributing to ships’ safety, crews and ports users safety, to the protection of the environment and ensuring efficiently a smooth and swift economical traffic flow resulting in increased ports profitability.



ETA - European Tugowners Association

Founded in 1963 the European Tugowners Association is the sole interest group in Europe with the principal aim of promoting the interests of the European towage industry. Based in Brussels as a non governmental organization, its membership is drawn from 21 European countries and comprises 82 companies operating some 700 tugs in the ports and coastal areas of Europe.



EBA - European Boatmen Association

The European Boatmen’s Association, E.B.A., was founded in Paris on 26 April 1977 based on the initiative of the national boatmen associations of Belgium, France, German, England, Italy and Holland. The purpose of the European Association was, and still is, to exchange technical-nautical information in order to improve and enhance the sector’s professional standards.



EHMC - European Harbour Masters’ Commitee

Worldwide there are about 3000 merchant ports and each of these ports has a harbour master. The harbour master is the local competent authority that provides a safe port to all users, organises a safe passage of crafts and a port environment that is well respected. As the local competent authority the harbour master drafts and enforces the port bye-laws and permits ships to enter or leave the port. He also is the ship shore interface having his role in port marine operations in the port approach area and port fairways.


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