European Maritime Pilots’ Association


Pilotage consists of guiding ships in and out seaports, conducting their berthing and unberthing maneuvers, coordinating the interventions of other actors associated to these maneuvers (tugboats, boatmen, terminal personnel…) thus contributing to ships’ safety, crews and ports users safety, to the protection of the environment and ensuring efficiently a smooth and swift economical traffic flow resulting in increased ports profitability.


This mission of general interest is ensured at national level in some European countries by pilots as civil servants or in other countries by private regroupings of pilots created and monitored by public authorities in the frame of single service providers.


EMPA is a non-profit organization, created in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1963 by pilots of the newborn European Economic Community. Nowadays EMPA regroups member countries associations of maritime pilots from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. In 2012, EMPA represents about 5.000 maritime pilots from 25 European countries, including Norway, Russia, Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine.




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