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Accident prevention

SAIA Report Morraborg S-95/11, fatal accident on board

Fatal accident on board m/v Morraborg, port of Holmsund, Sweden, July 3rd 2011, during mooring operations.

Preliminary statement of facts;
- Tug boats were not used for the docking manoeuvre,
- The spring line had been in use for a month and appeared to be in good condition,
- There was a brisk, gusty wind setting outwards from the quay,
- The docking method used resulted in risk that the mooring rope could brake under load,
- The master warned the foredeck team to take protection,
- There was no visual contact between the bridge and the forecastle,
- The chief officer confirmed the master’s ... [more]

EMSA Maritime Accident Review 2010

The Maritime Accident Review 2010 is EMSA’s fourth statistical and analytical report on commercial shipping accidents in and around EU waters.
Europe knew 559 accidents last year, in which 61 lives were lost, a small increase compared to 2009. This year’s report includes maps of accidents reported during the year, plotted against their geographical locations, enabling readers to see accident trouble spots and patterns.
The message from the 2010 review is that while there have been no major disasters for almost a decade, there continue to be many hundreds of accidents every year, with a ... [more]

MAIB accident report Skandi Foula, heavy contact

At 0832 on 29 May 2010 the 3252gt Norwegian registered platform supply vessel (PSV), Skandi Foula made heavy contact with the moored Panamanian registered supply vessel OMS Resolution in Victoria Dock, Aberdeen. [more]

MAIB accident report MV Platon, contact with wharf

At 1004 on 15 May 2011, the UK registered container vessel CMA CGM Platon made heavy contact with a quay on the south bank of the River Thames. The quay sustained superficial damage but the vessel suffered significant damage to her bow, and her forepeak tank was punctured.Fortunately there was no pollution and no one was hurt. [more]

Dutch Safety Board accident report, MV Edisongracht, breaking of mooring lines

Investigation into the accident on-board of the Edisongracht on 1 April 2010 in Angola.
During a mooring manoeuvre of mv Edisongracht between two mooring buoys in the port of Soyo, Angola on 1 April 2010, a mooring line slid off a guide roller and
subsequently broke. The mooring line hit two crew members. One crew member was fatally injured to his head and a second crew member suffered from a broken leg and a head injury. It was the
third time in a month that this crew would moor this vessel between the buoys in the port.
Information regarding the accident and the circumstances of the accident ... [more]

MAIB accident report Norman Arrow, contacts made by high speed craft

On 31 March 2010, the UK registered high speed ferry Norman Arrow was damaged when she struck fixed fendering in Portsmouth International Port while attempting to move between berths. Five months later, on 29 August, Norman Arrow was again damaged when she struck a mooring dolphin as she approached her berth in Le Havre, France. There were no injuries, but after both accidents the vessel had to be taken out of service and repaired in dry dock.

The accidents occurred as a result of an inability to manoeuvre the vessel as intended in the strong winds encountered. [more]

MAIB accident report MV Fremantle Express, fatality during mooring operation

On 15 July 2011, Fremantle Express,a UK-registered container vessel, was berthing in the port of Veracruz when a headline parted under tension.

The broken mooring line recoiled and struck an ordinary seaman (OS) who was standing on the forecastle. The seaman died of his injuries. The vessel was moving astern along her berth at the time of the accident, assisted by two tugs. [more]

MAIB accident report Forth Guardsman, fatal injuries to a crewman during mooring

At 1912 UTC on 13 March 2011, an able seaman (AB) working on board the Briggs Marine Contractors Limited (BMC) landing craft Forth Guardsman, became trapped between a mooring wire and the ship’s rail during a mooring operation. The weight on the wire could not be released quickly enough, and the AB was pulled over the guardrail and into the sea: he was recovered, but died from his injuries.

The investigation found that insufficient manpower had been assigned for the mooring operation, some risks had not been identified properly, seamanship practices on board were poor, the AB had stood in ... [more]

DMAIB accident report Sejerofaergen, collision with pier

At the collision with the ferry berth the ship got impressions at the bow at starboard side. There were 25 passengers on board. 4 passengers received minor injuries when falling. [more]

BSU accident report Waterway hopper dredger, accident while making fast

At about 07.45 on 21 September 2010, an accident involving a person occurred on the aft manoeuvring station while making fast the Cyprus registered hopper dredger WATERWAY in the Port of Emden.
The Chief Officer, who was operating the starboard hydraulic winch and had switched it to hauling, was caught by the line being wound onto the drum while attempting to clear it at the same time with his right foot. He let go of the spring-loaded oeprating lever of the winch, which then clicked back to the neurtral position properly. Due to the winch's techically induced stop delay, it did not stop immediately ... [more]

MAIB accident report Karen, grounding at entrance of port

At 1755 on 3 January 2011, the stern prawn trawler Karen grounded at the entrance to Ardglass Harbour. Resulting damage to the vessel’s forefoot caused her to take water forward. However, the collision bulkhead held and the skipper left the engine running ahead to reduce the risk of the vessel foundering. The crew donned their lifejackets and successfully launched the liferaft, but before they were forced to evacuate the vessel they were rescued by the Portaferry inshore lifeboat (ILB). One crewman suffered minor bruising to his ribs. Karen was refloated and manoeuvred alongside later that evening. ... [more]

MAIB accident report MV Antonis, drifting by wind

Antonis, a Greek registered bulk carrier, was being manoeuvred stern-first from the port of Liverpool’s Langton Dock to Alexandra Dock with a pilot on board. As she entered the passageway between the docks, her stern started to drift towards the eastern wall under the influence of a north-westerly wind. The pilot was unable to counter the drift, and the vessel’s hull, in way of a opside fuel oil tank, made contact with the sharp edge of a counterweight fitted on the open swing bridge. This caused a 1.5 metre gash in the vessel’s side that resulted in about 330 tonnes of fuel oil spilling ... [more]
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