The initiative was taken by European organisations of shipmasters, pilots, tug-operators, boatmen and harbourmasters, represented by CESMA, EMPA, ETA, EBA and EMHC.
They are the stakeholders involved when a vessel calls at a port. The shipmaster navigates the vessel, the nautical service providers deliver expert assistance and the harbourmaster sets and enforces the port laws.

On a European level we anticipate to develop a programme of regular professional contacts among organisations which operate in the maritime port industry. The aim is to discuss improvements in the entire nautical process chain and initiate co-operation between all those dealing with practical matters in nautical port operations, in order to exchange best practices and opinions. The ultimate target is to achieve cohesion and co-operation for safety, performance and job satisfaction in ports.

Safety and performance in ports depend on the contribution of a lot of partners who all have to work together. Professional knowledge and awareness are crucial to guarantee safety for this nautical chain. Bigger ships have to use the same infrastructure and there is an increasing pressure on turn-around times of vessels in port. These factors bring about that existing nautical expertise needs to be ever more cultivated and cherished.

The platform is initiated as a self-regulating system by sharing and improving best practice. It intends to ensure that EU maritime policies and regulations are prepared with the consultation and input of organised maritime experts.

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