Confederation of European Shipmasters’ Associations


CESMA membership includes 14 shipmasters’ associations in 11 European maritime nations. The aims are:


  • to work in the interest of EU shipmasters in order to promote high professional maritime standards.
  • to improve maritime safety.
  • to protect the marine environment.
  • to retain and develop the highest maritime knowledge and experience in Europe.
  • to inform the public in the EU about problems in the European maritime industry.
  • to be involved in research concerning maritime matters.
  • to co-operate with the European Commission, European and International maritime organisations.

The organisation works on a non-profit basis and is independent of states, political parties, trade unions and shipowners’ organisations. The CESMA Secretariat is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its main activities concentrate on contacts with the European Commission and Parliament, taking part in European projects and seminars in the maritime sphere (such as maritime safety and security), maintaining contacts with European Nautical Colleges and co-operating with other organisations in preventing issues such as piracy and criminalisation of seafarers.



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