European Boatmen Association


The European Boatmen’s Association, E.B.A., was founded in Paris on 26 April 1977 based on the initiative of the national boatmen associations of Belgium, France, German, England, Italy and Holland.
The purpose of the European Association was, and still is, to exchange technical-nautical information in order to improve and enhance the sector’s professional standards.

The Association has no union aspirations, and never will, and does not interfere in the management operations of each single member company.
It only takes action when invited to do so by a national association, to support initiatives or provide its experience wherever the opportunity arises.
Today, 12 national associations are members of the E.B.A.
Besides EBA, an Euro-American Boatmen Consortium was founded in july 2006 named as International Boatmen and Linesmen Association and its registration with the International Maritime Organisation.




EBA - European Boatmen Association

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